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I am slowly creating this EN version by translating my Czech web.

Take a look at the stories, fanfiction and amuse at the funny pictures.

Welcome to my webpages!

They were created mainly on the basis of played adventures of Dragon's Den (czech tabletop RPG, sort of Dungeons&Dragons). I started creating the world of Nyatar as early as 2001. During years 2008-2010, a brave party of adventurers traveled through its mountains and plains, and weaved threads of their destinies into its history.

While playing, I began to think of other stories parallel to the fate of the party. Gradually, a more extensive story emerges, which I hope will sometimes be published as a book.

In the meantime, you can read my short stories.


Interesting stone letter, isn´t it? No fotoshop editing at all, found like this in the nature.